Why meeting rooms don’t grow customers but THIS strategy does…

“Keep your customers in priority, always, because once you lose sight of them, you start losing the customers”.

When a business begins, customers and clients are at the topmost priority level.

However, as the business grows and revenue multiplies, founders, management and employees start spending more time in meeting rooms than focusing on customers.

No matter how much you grow, you should always be personally interested in knowing what your customers want and expect from you.

When they speak, you should listen because that’s where you can improvise your product or service and make it marketable.

Over-strategizing and rigorous planning can backfire if the end-users i.e. customers are not kept in the loop.

Are you involving your customers in product improvisations or key planning by taking their feedback and listening to them?

A business doesn’t grow from investors’ funds; it grows and prospers from clients.



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