The formula I learned to nurture relationships!

My friend called me.

He seemed to be really upset.

I asked him what went wrong with him.

He lamented: I did everything for my kids, Zeeshan. I did.

I buy them expensive clothes, give them quality education and money. I did everything for them yet, they are not grateful.

I asked again: When was the last time you spent quality time with them?

He could not answer.

But I’m happy he learned and made adjustments.

I believe:

1) Business and personal relationships are built over selfless value creation for the other. Apart from honest intent, this often needs a lot of time.

2) You create value by giving what is needed not what you can offer “easy”. In other words, it is always about what customers want to buy not what we want to sell.



#business #relationships #valuecreation

Published by: Zeeshan Sajid Amin

Zeeshan Sajid Amin is a Senior Media Professional with proven record of driving better revenues, productivity & profitability for the various companies he worked with. His key expertise Include (& go beyond) : Revenue generation, Ideation, Content, Partnerships & OTT. He has participated in launching major sales campaigns for several leading regional media houses/television channels, including ARY Digital, B4U Aflam, B4U Plus, NEO Cricket, Zee Aflam and Zee Film Hindi, contributing in recent years to multi-million $ revenue generation. Follow him on Linkedin:

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