Hiring for character is always a safe bet!

He was not a good hire!

Many years ago, my company employed a passionate inexperienced resource.

He had just graduated from school and was very raw.

He had to be trained for six months before he could even start doing things at the level we expected from him.

Honestly, everyone in team thought: “This is not a good hire.”

Fast forward few months…

Things didn’t work well for our company and most of us moved on but this man stayed.

He refused to jump ship.

I was surprised when we met at a filling station to buy petrol, I asked about his new company.

He said, “I am still working in the same company. I didn’t leave.”

“I won’t leave because they gave me an opportunity when I needed it most. Today, they also need me. It will be unfair to leave.”

I was stunned. That was loyalty to the core.

I learned…

1) Loyalty at times is more important than performance.

2) People will always remember how you make them feel.

Do you agree?


#business #teamdynamics #trustingteams #motivation

Published by: Zeeshan Sajid Amin

Zeeshan Sajid Amin is a Senior Media Professional with proven record of driving better revenues, productivity & profitability for the various companies he worked with. His key expertise Include (& go beyond) : Revenue generation, Ideation, Content, Partnerships & OTT. He has participated in launching major sales campaigns for several leading regional media houses/television channels, including ARY Digital, B4U Aflam, B4U Plus, NEO Cricket, Zee Aflam and Zee Film Hindi, contributing in recent years to multi-million $ revenue generation. Follow him on Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/zeeshansamin

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