Why you cannot win customers by selling products?

How a small counter of baby diapers turned into one of the biggest companies…

Around 15 years ago, I was a salesman of a telephone directory.

At the time, I used to look for clients to sign up in the directory, through door-to-door approaches & cold calls.

Once, I approached the owner of a small counter that sold baby diapers & other products for newborn babies.

I signed him up for the listing in the directory & moved on. I didn’t think about him for a long time.

But then, after a few years, I saw the same man running a big showroom.

And today, he runs one of the biggest companies for baby products!

I was very impressed… and very curious about how he turned his small counter into a big company.

So I asked him how he did what he did.

His response? “I always ask my customers what their biggest frustration is. Once they share that, I build products tailored to solve their frustration!”

I was rather surprised by his answer.

Understand your customer’s problems and solve them: the advice was gold!

Instead of just focusing on building a rapport, sales people should focus on addressing the customer’s pain points.

Win customers not by selling products to them.

Win customers by building solutions for them.



Published by: Zeeshan Sajid Amin

Zeeshan Sajid Amin is a Senior Media Professional with proven record of driving better revenues, productivity & profitability for the various companies he worked with. His key expertise Include (& go beyond) : Revenue generation, Ideation, Content, Partnerships & OTT. He has participated in launching major sales campaigns for several leading regional media houses/television channels, including ARY Digital, B4U Aflam, B4U Plus, NEO Cricket, Zee Aflam and Zee Film Hindi, contributing in recent years to multi-million $ revenue generation. Follow him on Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/zeeshansamin

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