I used to be a ” People pleaser”…

I used to be a ” People pleaser”.


I was bad at letting people go, especially the ones who were sweet talkers.

It was always a difficult decision for me as a leader.

Until I paid dearly for it.

Because they kept giving poor results and underperformed.

Before I realized…

I had lost clients.

Business relationships were damaged.

And of course, money was lost.

I learned my lesson in a hard way.

It is like playing with fire and hoping you don’t get burnt.

Hell no!

Sometimes you can’t help but let go.

Why hold on to what hurts?

It’s like eating a rotten apple because you love it.

As much as you have good intentions towards them…

Either train them more, or incase they refuse to relearn and adapt, let them go.

It works in favor of both!

Give chances to people who deserve it.

It is called discipline.

Businesses can only thrive on discipline.

Besides, you can never run a business on sentiments.

Never mix empathy and stupidity.


#successprinciples #sentiment #business

Published by: Zeeshan Sajid Amin

Zeeshan Sajid Amin is a Senior Media Professional with proven record of driving better revenues, productivity & profitability for the various companies he worked with. His key expertise Include (& go beyond) : Revenue generation, Ideation, Content, Partnerships & OTT. He has participated in launching major sales campaigns for several leading regional media houses/television channels, including ARY Digital, B4U Aflam, B4U Plus, NEO Cricket, Zee Aflam and Zee Film Hindi, contributing in recent years to multi-million $ revenue generation. Follow him on Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/zeeshansamin

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