How micromanagement kills your business?

“My boss keeps a track of my lunch schedule and starts interrogating if I am late by even 5 minutes to return to my desk”, an employee told his grievance during a recent session.

He has to mail his boss before leaving for lunch, and the timer starts then.

If he doesn’t return in 30 minutes, he finds his boss standing at his desk wondering why is he late.

Several business owners and senior leaders try to control everything. They are fearful of their employees mis-utilising the resources and don’t trust them much.

However, this ‘action of controlling everything” or mismanagement can ruin your business, faster than you realise.


A business or company is only as good as its employees.

If they feel suffocated because of consistent monitoring, they may not work freely, which hampers productivity and creativity.

Employees don’t share their ideas, because of lack of confidence or fear of getting ignored.

What’s the solution?

Avoid micromanagement, and give your employees autonomous power to act, think and work.

When you give them more authority, it motivates them to do well, and utilise resources optimally.

Are you giving your employees enough autonomy to work?

How have been the results so far? Let me know in the comment section.



Content is King! Always…

My client thought he was being cheated by his media buying agency.

I was recently called by owner of a SME for a consultation session.

He opened up his excel sheet and said ” Zeeshan, being a 3 year old company we spend a lot on media buying. Our budgets are quite sufficient and handled by one of the leading MBUs.

But we are not getting the required sales, infact the impact on sales is almost ZERO, despite excellent pre and post analysis submitted by our agency.

Is our agency cheating us?”

I looked at his budgets, media selection and analysis of his campaign . Everything looked right until I asked to see his creatives.

I got whats wrong.

His creatives and content strategy!

1) The content was irrelevant to his TG
2) Digital creatives had no call to action

(Inbox me if you want to know what more was wrong)

Above all his creatives and content were done by two fresh graduates whose only skills were Photoshop .

Without solid content strategy, millions spent on media are waste.

I asked him to do few tweaks in content and run a quick CPL campaign for 2 days and let me know the results.

Fast forward today, I have a happy client.

Media business is business of attention.


Content is what drives attention.


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Death of a nice salesman!


As a culture, we are brought up and trained as people who are always nice.

It’s good to be nice – but being nice is confused with laziness, being on “back foot” or simply not asking for actions.

Or worse in sales world, being nice is mixed with “unwillingness to be insistent and persistent to close the deal”.

The reality is that most of the people put too much significance on being nice and not enough emphasis on getting results…

This can be a serious crime in business!

Pushing through doesn’t make you “not nice” but rather it demonstrates that you understand the effectiveness of your product for the customer! I

f the trick were just to be nice, most of the sales people, would all be doing great. If nice guys finish first, you could be the kind-hearted millionaire next door. The nicest thing you can do for a customer is to make sure they decide and act to get a solution: your product or service.

The word nice comes from Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary is French, and it came from the word foolish, simple, silly, ignorant, and not to know.

Nice guys finish last.

Or perhaps never finish!


“Zeeshan, I can fire you NOW!”

“Zeeshan, I can replace all of you in a jiffy!”

Said one of my bosses pointing towards me and my team, once upon a time.

Fast forward today, after literally scanning at least a few 100 CVs , I can say with confidence that finding right talent costs an arm and a leg, the least.

I define right talent as combination of right attitude and passion – a little bit of skills added to this mix makes a killer combination.

To all managers who say this …you are mistaken and insecure!

And coming back to the meeting, instead of whining and crying, I resigned from my job within few days for a way better profile.

Sooner or later, the right talented people always find takers in the market – the key is consistent self-analysis and asking yourself ” Am I contributing enough towards the growth of the company?”




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Zeeshan, my job sucks!

“Zeeshan, my job sucks”I have seen so many people complaining about bad bosses, bad jobs etc -Though it is an undeniable fact that such people and companies exist but most of the times its the unusual / unrealistic expectations of employees which trigger negative thoughts.I wish more people start asking to themselves, ” Am I contributing enough to my company??”Earn your salt and do the best. If this company does not take care of you, someone else will.But noone will be willing to hire a negative energy garbage bag!#Gallavichaar

Is Saudi’s recession a reality?

Call me an optimist but working closely in Saudi market since 8 + years  and being in the region for 35 years ( by birth ) , I can say with lot of confidence that Saudi is the most misunderstood market of GCC. The one main reason for the same is people predicting future outlook & economy of Saudi Arabia are most of the times neither based there nor ever visited that place.

Saudi was never in severe recession as you see most of the times predicted by the “experts” – there was undoubtedly a slow down, due to unfortunate decline of oil prices and few other geo-political reasons, the spending pattern went to a ” Bit Cautious” . To make it simple for people to understand, I often quote the example of an employed person living with his family and getting a salary of USD 20 per month. His expenses are USD 10 and remaining are his savings. He continues to enjoy his life for many years until one day his salary is reduced to USD 10 which is just barely meeting his expenses with no more savings possible. Hence there will be a bit of pressure on the wife to cut down the luxury expenses until things settle down.

The other reason for the panic is that this was literally the first time Saudi witnessed a slow down and hence companies and organisations were never ready to react.

The major contributing factor to  Saudi’s slow down was more of a “mental chaos” created by critics and media –  the locals ( Saudi Nationals) went to ” Bit Cautious” mode in terms of spending due to various rumors and government’s policy to control the “luxury expenses”.

At present, the global Geo-political situation, positive progress in US-KSA relationship, improved oil prices, announcement of re-reinstatement of public sector’s bonuses along with aggressive & young leadership has already started to stabilize the ‘mental recession’ and increase consumer confidence and spending. My personal interaction with few of the major retailers in the country confirms that the trend is consistently improving since Q4 of 2018 with first month of 2019 having improvement over 2018.

Early Ramadan in 2019 along with improved confidence will see more stability in 2019 which will be perceived as growth. This will help H1 in 2019 to perform better, increasing confidence of the corporate sector to loosen further their spending and payments flow which was paused for past many months.

KSA due to its local dense population will always be the least affected market in GCC when it comes to expat migration. I understand that the increased visa taxes may be burden to people but once the Salary gets cut ( which is the earning of country) it is must to control ‘ Luxury expenses’ and create more ways of generating revenue. Saudi Arabia is still one of the most affordable countries to stay in the region , with excellent infra structure, affordable lifestyle, accessible health & schooling and extremely reasonable house rents.

I hope critics of increased visa fee look at the positive side of the benefits : more money generated will help government do more spending on infra structure and create better environment to attract foreign investments. As a result this will only help the Kingdom’s economy to grow and help all stake holders. For all these years, government was kind enough to spend from their savings but with reduced income, it is getting important to sustain country and it is extremely fair to expect everyone to contribute.

Overall this stability of spending along with inflation will at least result 5-7%  growth by end of the year. What Saudi is witnessing now is nothing new but a transition to much more matured market.

Racism at work place…

” I get paid less because of my nationality…”




If yes, then you are the one responsible for the same.

Starting as an office boy in 2004 – fast forward today, I am privileged to be associated with the most prestigious organisations in region and I never ever faced any racism, EVER.

People often confuse India VS Pakistan cricket rivalry with business world.

Hard Fact # 1: Corporate world and businesses are only about the value and attitude you bring on the table.

Hard Fact # 2: Any kind of inequality & racism in business world exists only if you WANT to see it. Hustle and gratitude can even-out any playing field.

And I literally mean ANY playing field.

So next time you feel that you are ignored because of your nationality, race, religion or gender, please analyse how much of hardwork you are putting to EVEN-OUT the playing field.


Big Data and its “Big Impact”​ on businesses

Knowledge of Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is the trump card in business relevance

Gone are the days when data was unstructured with no relevance, and the business owners would rely only on the customer choices and on the irregular information gathered – data was small then and the business owners had to rely on logical reasons & gut to implement strategies and lure customers – today the new DNA is in place and business projections are taking a paradigm shift.

Business is today moving into the understanding of less stress over business challenges ( which they face now) as business forecasts are more predictable thanks to the knowledge and application of big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence

With the right use of new technology, data scientists can help improve business’s ability to: –

1.   Ability to forecast future events with high level of precision

2.   Ability to take decisions with minimum chances of errors

The small grocery store down the corner of a street will now be able to smart sell and keep his customers happy by connecting with them exactly when there is a need. People will be able to live longer as biologists can utilize the latest machine learning algorithms to produce robust risk prediction and environment factors to predict important health-related outcomes as in the case with which will impact an increase of average life-span of people.

Improvement in average age of consumers will drastically impact the way targeting happens in advertising. So far the core audience for marketers has traditionally been 20 – 44 but in couple of years this will result in birth of another core audience, which I believe would be in a range of 45 – 65 – these will be adults who will have more affluent incomes and health to enjoy luxuries.

The world is now awash in data and we can see consumers in a lot clearer ways. ~ Max Levchin, PayPal co-founder.

Soon the passive players will not survive due to the Big Impact which businesses are going to witness.

About the author

Zeeshan Sajid Amin is a millennial leadership executive equipped with the essence of change and proven record of implementing strategies , often beyond MBA books, with focus on bottom lines . Find out more on

Scaling-up businesses don’t necessarily means more expenses…

“The strategy this year to increase business is to hire more sales / account managers”.

A statement frequently heard in yearly projection meetings with a very high rate of failure.

Many #businesses don’t invest and focus on creating right resource management #strategy and fall into trap of thinking “More people mean more business”.

This strategy often results in hire and fire #culture as when #companies are #overstaffed, during tough times, the first sword falls on employees.

Solution: Adopting the right #mindset .

Mindset #1 – Understanding that there are no businesses existing with “All the required ” resources – as no matter what few #MBA books may teach, running a business with dedicated resource for each job does not make business sense in the real world.

Mindset #2- Businesses, specially startups, are more about resourcefulness than resources.

Mindset #3- The notion of #hiring best talent does not exist in the real world. #Managers & #organisations must shift #focus to find the “Right People” and then make the best out of them by training & innovation .

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