7 Days 7 Sales Tips


Look around and you’ll find some amazing sales stories crafted by startups and companies.

They overlooked the conventional techniques and instead targeted the customers with an innovative approach.


The revenue multiplied and the company grew multifold.

However, not all of those began with a successful approach.

They experimented, failed, learned from the mistakes and tried again until they found the winning formula.

As more and more people are embarking their entrepreneurial journey, it is crucial to take some leaves out of those companies’ success stories.

So, for the next 7 days, I’m going to write about sales winning stories of 7 different companies, who are excelling at present.

To read a story every day, you can follow the hashtag – #7Days7SalesTips so that you don’t miss out any post.

Let’s dive deep into the operations, strategies and stories of these companies and identify what makes them a leader into their industry.