7Days7SalesTips – # 2 – Converting a negative argument into positive tool!

Can a negative tweet about your brand help gain a positive word- of- mouth? Can you convert a rejection from a customer into a positive growth hack for your brand?

Well, the recent happenings with Zomato prove this right.

On July 30, 2019 at 8.36 PM, a Zomato customer tweeted that he cancelled his order from the food delivery service app as the delivery boy was not from a particular religion.

Soon, this tweet went viral and Twitterati went into a warfare mode. Celebrities came on board and expressed distress about such acts.

More opinions started pouring in and there were long-form articles being written about the state of the country within few hours.

Cut to July 31 2019, Zomato replied to the tweet in their typical satirical style saying “Food has no religion. Food is religion”.

This tweet is one of the most trending topic on Twitter today and has effectively elevated Zomato’s reputation from the pitfall it had fallen into after its delivery boy fiasco earlier this year.

The biggest takeaway from this is –

Any public discussion can turn out to be a growth hack if only we learn how to channelize it in our favor and, of course, on the right time.

As they say – “To strike while the iron is hot”.


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