7Days7SalesTips – # 7 – Honesty goes a long way!

Charging customers only when it is RIGHT…

In a world where companies are looking to charge subscriptions fees to the users in whatever way they can, Slack is adopting “Fair Billing Policy”.

When you upgrade your team from free to paid subscription, you don’t have to pay for all the members who are using the app.

Slack will charge you for only those users who are active on the date of upgrade.

Also, if you are on a paid subscription and add new members partway into the billing cycle, Slack charges only for the cost of the time used.

If a member hasn’t used Slack in over 14 days, he is considered INACTIVE, and Slack deposits the credit for unused portion of the billing period back to the account.

This way, Fair Billing policy builds trust and credibility in Slack’s users.

What’s the result?

Slack has more than 85K paid customers and over 10M+ daily active users.

When you adopt a fair pricing strategy, customers believe and trust in you, which increases the sales multifold.

How are you pricing your products or services? Are you charging your customers fairly?


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