A growth hack which helped me increase my prices x 25 times…

A growth hack which helped me increase my prices x 25 times…


2004, I used to work as a freelance IT support.

I used to charge 10 dirhams ($2.5) for my services for a single machine maintenance.

Then one day, I went to a supermarket in a posh locality of Dubai.

I saw many ads / posters there promoting different services.

None were similar to my services.

I spoke to attendant & the next day, I placed a poster mentioning my services & contact details.

Within a few days, I closed my first deal in that posh locality:

For 250 dirhams ($ 68) !

10 dirhams to 250 dirhams… that was 25 times my usual fee!

The first time I thought it was a fluke or magic…

But then I received another call.

Closed another deal!

I remember closing 3 deals for 250 dirhams first month…

I later realized:

1) I marketed my services in an area where freelancers like me were limited.

2) Due to good service, I started getting a lot of enquiries through word of mouth. Clients calling me were already sold on my rates before speaking!

3) Clients in this locality had better spending power.

👉 In a nutshell, I was prospecting better👈

That’s when I realized how important prospecting is…

Are your sales numbers down?

Are you prospecting right?