Content is King but Distribution is Queen!

Have you hired a content writer to publish 3 blogs every day on your website and drive traffic?

You are wasting hard-earned money because content creation won’t work anymore.

But, content is the king, right?

Yes, Content might be the king, but distribution is the queen, and the lady rules the house.

If you are churning out tons of SEO optimised content every day and merely publishing them on your website to drive traffic, you are not actually utilising it to create brand awareness or generate leads.

There are more than 30 million posts published on WordPress alone every month.

Internet is pre-filled with detailed information on every tiny or significant issue.

What’s the tip?

Along with content creation, focus on distribution and promotion as well.

Use social media handles, email marketing, newsletters, videos, podcasts and visual graphics to distribute the published content.

More you create a buzz, better are the chances of driving traffic and converting readers into customers.

How are you distributing your content? What tools are you using? Shoot your thoughts in the comment section.


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