Creating smart partnerships in marketing!

More than 3 million reach and 3,000+ new followers on Instagram without paid advertising?

General Electrics (GE) ran a campaign #GEInstaWalk where they invited 6 influential photographers and 6 GE super fans.

The aviation geeks and influencers got a lifetime opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes tests of the world’s most advanced jet engines.

GE requested them to take the photos and videos, upload on their Instagram handles and mention #GEInstaWalk and GE’s official Instagram page handle.

The results were spectacular as the company reported 8 million total reach and thousands of new followers after a series of campaign.

All this was achieved without a single penny spent on marketing.

I have seen several startups and businesses complaining about lack of funds while doing marketing across digital and offline mediums.

In reality, you don’t have to burn substantial funds on marketing.

If you are involving your prospects and employees in the marketing campaigns, they’ll become your biggest promoters.

Brand awareness is beyond algorithms. It is done for, by and with humans.

How are you establishing your business’s brand awareness?


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