“Dad, how much is salary of a successful professional?”

“Dad, how much is salary of a successful professional?”


Long ago I asked my dad.

“You are successful when you are happy and can save some money aside for rainy days”.

I was 16 then, and did not understand much.

Today, I see many complain about their jobs despite earning a decent amount of money.

They complain about the same place they earn money from!

They are always unhappy!

Long back, despite making decent monies every month, I still wasn’t satisfied.

Later on, I learned that life is not all about paychecks, it is about fulfilling your purpose.

And then realized :

1) Complaining and crying about your situation does more harm to ownself then anyone else.

2) Chase happiness; and Gratitude is the shortest route to happiness.

I started chasing happiness instead of monies – And realised life is more than just working to make a living.

Are you still complaining?

Try chasing happiness instead!


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