Do you know what is “Small Data”?

Do you know what is “Small Data”?

Neither did I.

Some time back I was sitting with few friends and one of them told us about a “new / upcoming” field in Data Sciences which is called “Small Data”.

We all were impressed on his knowledge for a minute.

But then, I felt it was another rumour.

Out of curiosity I made a few calls to seniors in the industry – all of them confimed that there is nothing like that.

Being a new field, there are lot of rumours around the industry.

Moreover, as it is a HOT topic, people feel cool when they speak about it. Hence, better to get any new information verified by expert.

I believe, Data Sciences is technological advancement in various existent working models.

It is not something as alien as it is perceived!

For example: Machine Learning’s heart lies in Statistics.


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