He was terminated for no reason!

I had a neighbour who was relieved of his duties.

The company had no tangible reason to let him go.

The management of the company wanted to bring in a family member to fill that role, so he was made the scapegoat.

When he got the news that he would no longer be needed in a few weeks to come, he felt bad.

But what could he do?

First, he was terminated for no tangible reason. Second, he also was one of the best performers.

He kept himself positive , wished the company well and also congratulated the new recruit.

Either it was his kind gesture or management realizing his importance , they made a decision to reverse their action.

It was decided that the new recruit to work with him as an assistant.

When he shared the whole story filled with roller coaster situations and a fairy-tale sort of ending with me, I learned:

1) It is never about the situation, but is about how we react to the situation.

2) Fighting back in every situation is a waste of energy. At times just moving away to find new horizons is the best strategy.

3) Two wrongs don’t make a right.

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