How audio is becoming big and important for marketing…

What does your brand sound like?

Voice is going to be the next big thing in marketing and as the stature of voice, podcasting and sound increases, companies will have to figure out their sonic branding.

What does sonic branding mean?

As Gary Vaynerchuk #digitalmarketing defines, “Sonic branding is about how a brand sounds or gets recalled or remembered.

When you reboot a computer or play a video game, a sound is played at the beginning, listening which a person can instantly realise which brand does it belong to.

Sonic branding can help you deepen the relationships with your audience because people might not remember what they read or saw, but they never ever forget something they listened to.

Not just another sound, sonic branding is going to be equivalent to a brand’s username in the social media world.

Have you begun working on sonic branding? What does your brand sound like?


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