How did I speak in public to get my first Public Speaking assignment!

Speaking up in public brought me my first ‘Guest Speaker’ opportunity!

I was talking to a few of my friends over tea, discussing about how startup teams must evolve with time

When I was asked to answer, I talked about the 3 steps of hiring:-

1. Structuring:

— You hire people thinking they will play a particular role

2. Restructuring:

— The company’s culture is being defined

— Unsurety, lack of clarity, revenue pressure: resulting in tension between employees

— Maximum employees & Founders leave/ make wrong decisions

3. Milking:

— The company has now settled; its values & culture are defined

— Each team member knows their role & works towards it.

This system is cyclical.

Once we enter ‘Milking’, there may be new resources required to take the company to the next level & old employees may resist new hirings. Hence the company goes back to ‘Structuring’ phase.

Old employees may resist change since they feel entitled for just being there.Then, ‘Restructuring’ resumes!

Later that evening, one person came to me & told me that he really liked my detailed explanation. He asked me if I’d like to be a guest speaker at a seminar for business owners.

That’s how I landed my first public speaking opportunity: by sharing the things I knew, and doing it right!