How micromanagement kills your business?

“My boss keeps a track of my lunch schedule and starts interrogating if I am late by even 5 minutes to return to my desk”, an employee told his grievance during a recent session.

He has to mail his boss before leaving for lunch, and the timer starts then.If he doesn’t return in 30 minutes, he finds his boss standing at his desk wondering why is he late.

Several business owners and senior leaders try to control everything. They are fearful of their employees mis-utilising the resources and don’t trust them much.

However, this ‘action of controlling everything” or mismanagement can ruin your business, faster than you realise.


A business or company is only as good as its employees.If they feel suffocated because of consistent monitoring, they may not work freely, which hampers productivity and creativity.

Employees don’t share their ideas, because of lack of confidence or fear of getting ignored.

What’s the solution?

Avoid micromanagement, and give your employees autonomous power to act, think and work.When you give them more authority, it motivates them to do well, and utilise resources optimally.

Are you giving your employees enough autonomy to work?How have been the results so far?

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