How to advertise without burning your money!

My client thought he was being cheated by his media buying agency.

I was recently called by owner of a SME for a consultation session.

He opened up his excel sheet and said ” Zeeshan, being a 3 year old company we spend a lot on media buying. Our budgets are quite sufficient and handled by one of the leading MBUs. But we are not getting the required sales, infact the impact on sales is almost ZERO, despite excellent pre and post analysis submitted by our agency. Is our agency cheating us?”

I looked at his budgets, media selection and analysis of his campaign .

Everything looked right until I asked to see his creatives.

I got whats wrong.

His creatives and content strategy!

1) The content was irrelevant to his TG

2) Digital creatives had no call to action (Inbox me if you want to know what more was wrong)

Above all his creatives and content were done by two fresh graduates whose only skills were Photoshop .

Without solid content strategy, millions spent on media are waste.

I asked him to do few tweaks in content and run a quick CPL campaign for 2 days and let me know the results.

Fast forward today, I have a happy client.

Media business is business of attention. And Content is what drives attention.



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