I learned: Everybody salutes the rising sun!

People really matter!

A friend of mine came new to the city.

He was overlooked due to his little experience for a junior role in media sales.

As he was desperate, he tried following up hard with the hiring manager.

To which he got insulted!

“We don’t have the time to waste on people who know nothing and are only after the paycheck.”

I remember him telling me this many years back.

In my honest opinion, that was rude and uncalled for.

Fast forward 8 years…

He got a job in another company and became a threat to the company which declined him first.

The same hiring manager did everything to bring him into his company as one of the top-level managers.

Which he refused!

I learned a great lesson:

1) Everybody salutes the rising sun!

2) Identifying talent is a rare skill.

3) Hard work can even-out any playing field.



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