I used to think everything was working against me!

I used to think everything was working against me!

My close friends refused to help at times when I needed the most.

Finances were going haywire!

You wouldn’t blame me.

I had simply tried everything but nothing seemed to be working.

I was almost going to give up trying when I decided that..I will stop fighting the small fights.

I stopped fighting those who gossiped against me.

I stopped fighting for recognition.

I stopped fighting to prove myself right.

I left the small fights….

This time, I decided to do it differently from the past.

I started to focus on what needed to be focused.

Guess what – it worked out!

Things picked up gradually and everything started to change.

I learned, some fights are not worth the time.

At times, decline in output is because we get too busy in fighting the small fights!

Lesson Learned:

👉🏻 Be selective in what you intend to fight for! 👈🏻

Are you still fighting the small fights?


#perspective #focusonwhatmatters #mindset