If you hate your job, it is your fault.

If you hate your job, it is your fault.


These days so called “ motivational speakers” are promoting entrepreneurship like it is a piece of cake.

Things can get tough at workplace!

But instead of doing something productive most of us start to think leaving job we hate is the solution.

If you hate your job, it is your fault.

Perhaps, you have too many wrong expectations or you are focused on only negative things.

I don’t understand what is wrong with being employed ?

I believe that being employed is an excellent learning ground before starting own business – because

1. If one cannot work 8 hours per day, how will he work 17-18 hours per day. Being honest with employer is the best route to being honest with own business later.

2. If someone is not grateful to employer for the luxuries like on-time salary, paid holidays, sick leaves, having an office to sit and free coffee, how he can be happy anywhere? Science tells us that grateful people are typically more optimistic and happier people.

Don’t quit your job because you hate it.

Quit your job once you love the grind, have some cash and are prepared to double the efforts for your own business.



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