Impact of Data Sciences…

Zeeshan, at our retail stores, we close more than half million transactions per month ,we have so much of data but we don’t know what needs to be done with it.”

This is not the first time I was hearing this from client!

Unfortunately, many companies sitting on gold mine of data still believe using their data to send email and sms blasts is the most “effective & optimum ” way of using it.

Industry’s hesitance to admit the importance of  Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Data Visualization today is same as acceptance of digital before 15 years and effectiveness of mobile just before 5-7 years. The leading MBUs and will soon need dedicated teams with experts specialized in Data Sciences to serve clients better.

The same curve which we all witnessed with explosion of DIgital!

 Companies who will be the first to learn, unlearn and relearn , will reap the benefits. 

 “Data do not give up their secrets easily. They must be tortured to confess.” Unknown



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