Importance of Story Telling in business!

What does attract you to a gym – posters of sculpted men and women or realisation that fitness is important?

Goodlife Fitness is the largest health club company in Canada with over 300 locations across the country.

If you see around the company’s marketing videos and collaterals, you won’t find any bodybuilders being shown up there.

Instead, the company educates people and tells them how important is to take better care of oneself.

It has launched several initiatives like “Live Your Good Life”, #SexySmartStrong and #ChangeYourStory.

There, Goodlife Fitness features people from real life who have been exercising to keep themselves fit and healthy.

It encourages the viewers to get inspired so they can think of taking care of themselves.


People, in numbers, are joining Goodlife Fitness every day to improve their lives and become physically fit.

What’s the tip?

Storytelling can help you achieve unimaginable targets and success because it connects your business to its prospective customers.

When you talk to people about things which affect their daily lives, they listen, analyse and respond.

How are you connecting to your targeted audience? Has storytelling played a crucial role?


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