Its okay to have non-believers!

Its okay to have non-believers!


If you are planning to introduce a new concept, talk about something new or want to introduce a new idea, believe on it.

Its okay to have non-believers – As they don’t know if it is going to work!

I’ve witnessed it so many times:

1) A client laughed at me when I suggested to add Facebook as part of his marketing mix, saying “Facebook is for kids, it will be foolish to use it for my business.” This was 2009.

Today, Facebook controls 83% of social ad spending along with 22% of digital ad spending globally.

2) I was part of the first Pan Arab TV Channel carrying Bollywood content customized for Arabic speaking audiences.

I heard repeatedly from market, “Zeeshan, your company is crazy, which Arabic speaker will watch Bollywood”?

Today demand and consumption of Bollywood programs in MENA is obvious and undeniable.

3) Similarly, I so much believe that success of OTT platforms will lie in balance of the following:

A) Technology

B) Content

C) “Right” Monetization Strategy

Not only in just launching one!


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