Make a customer NOT a sale!

How to make a customer without selling?

I have reviewed numerous sales pitches of startups but most of them brag about themselves without sharing real solutions which their product can offer to clients.

While buying a product or service, people look for solution to their problems…

Successful sales start from a strong pitch – which is solutions conveyed and demonstrated properly on paper.

Numbers, quantitative results or creative ideas act as key drivers to build a strong pitch.

Sales pitch must include –

1. Visual representations of the proposed idea – Before-and-after photos, charts and screenshots speak what even 1000 words can’t.

2. Case study – Brief description of similar clients who achieved results thru your service.

3. Testimonials – Enough said!

4. Social Shares – If you are getting good traction across social media handles, you can include it into your sales pitch.

Overall, your sales pitch must be linked directly to the problems which your client may be faceing along with a proposed solution of your clients.

When a client buys solution to his problem, you did not sell you just got a client for life!

“Make A Customer, Not A Sale.” – Katherine Barchetti



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