My first public speaking experience!

I remember the first time I spoke in public.

My legs were shaking.

My heart was racing!

I was called to speak at an event around enhancing businesses.

I was so worried about messing up the talk.

If I messed up, I would lose my name and reputation.

I was terrified as I was sandwiched between top industry names.

So before the event, I called my best friend and said “I’m going to close this deal.”

He said, “Yes, you are.”

And the talk went well.

After I finished speaking, in that moment, I felt as if I was meant for this.

Public speaking became my passion.

I learned:

1. Always speak to positive people before taking difficult decisions.

2. Most of the times it is the first step which is the most difficult.

3. Power of visualization and thinking positive is still under estimated.

As they say, either you fail or you learn.

Do you agree?


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