My team member asked compensation for 2 extra hours!

“I worked 2 hours extra this week – I want my compensation!”

Said one of my team members . He was asking for compensation for the extra 2 hours put .

My first reaction, I DECLINED it straight!

On one hand I had to balance pressures of management & cash flows and on other hand tackle growing market challenges to secure revenues in recessionary conditions.

We were facing IMMENSE revenue pressures.

I was extremely upset!

But then I realized…

1) I realized why passion is so important as a trait while hiring people.

2) Not everyone has ownership and gets motivated by challenges, a big percentage of employees in corporate world come to office to clock 9-5 and take their salaries.

No wonder why there are few leadership positions in companies!

I came next day to office and asked HR to give him a full day compensation for the extra two hours put.

As a leader, one of the biggest challenges is to understand and accept that every team member is not a star player and ace performer.

But that’s OK!

If a team has all Ronaldos, Messis, Tendulkars or Afridis, then there will be no star players!

Average team members are the biggest reason for performers to shine.



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