One thing leadership is NOT about!

“I never get paid on time but still my boss is a true leader” … …

Said no one , EVER.

Hard Fact # 1 – If you are not able to make money for your company and your people, you don’t qualify to be in the leadership league.

Hard Fact # 2 –  Difference between leader and any ordinary person is leader’s ability to consistently envision & innovate ways of generating money for the organisation and key stakeholders.

There is NO concept of leadership without understanding the art of making money. 

Art of making money needs innovation and innovation needs constant change, which is never easy to bring.

Hence either you can be a Leader or a Likable 24/7 person ( or sell ice-cream as no body hates them) .

Hence stop trying to become favorite and start doing things which can help your business.

Have a look at my below video where I explain the concept more of importance of making money when you are a leader.


[wpvideo IKPYscv8]