Story of a 15 years old sales man!

I made my first sale at 15…because I stood out in market.

When I was 15 years old, I was very interested in the latest technology.

This was an era of internet cafes in Qatar, and a new one would pop up every few days.

At that time, there was a software used by internet cafes to monitor the time slots.

You had to go to the counter, book your time slot (say, for 1 hour), & pay for the slot. Once the time was up, the computer screen would go blank.

Back then, there was only one person who was installing that software in all the registered cafes. Due to this, the software was very expensive.

Since I was so interested in this new technology, I managed to crack the software then!

Then I visited internet cafes, met the owners, and pitched my service of installing the software.

Didn’t receive a good response.

I kept thinking about how I could stand out from others in the market.

I then decided to provide the software’s maintenance for one year… for free!

I pitched my new services to more owners, and I got my first sale which was around 1,500 riyals!

That’s when I saw that going a step beyond the usual & actually pitching my services is a great way to get clients, and of course, make money.

That’s how my career in sales started

How did you begin your career?