Story of a Business Owner, KPIs and his obsession with firing…

Story of a Business Owner, KPIs and his obsession with firing…

We need your help to restructure our team.

> Please explain more, what do you mean?

We need to get rid of our non-performing talent.

> Ok, do you have any performance management system?

No, we trust our employees.

> Then why don’t you trust that they are doing their best , may be market is not supporting and your product needs to get better?

Our competitors with same product and services are doing way better.

> Your HR must apply KPIs

Sorry we cannot !

> I understand – may I know what you think is the most important stakeholder influencing your business growth?


> Wrong- Motivated & Productive people

Can you please explain, Zeeshan?

> It is must for any organisation to understand and recognise, Quantitatively & Qualitatively , the talent who “really” does the job & gets the work done. This helps and ensures the important people are rewarded on the right time. While setting standards for weak-performers.

But we have weekly breakfasts, a pool table, & we pay really well!

> That is for everyone, how are you differentiating, recognising & motivating your performers?

Sounds good, let us implement a KPIs system before we take any steps of restructuring.