The irony of a salesman life!

“You need to think more innovative to get business”

Many sales people hear this on daily basis.

( The irony is most bosses dont know themselves what do they mean by “thinking innovative”)

Often client servicing teams in companies are considered living beings with magic sticks. Companies feel that just hiring someone with a title of ” Sales / Client servicing Executive” is enough for business to start rolling.

The cycle of unnecessary pressure starts when:

1) Managers submit projections to the company without properly analyzing the market conditions.

2) Once the unrealistic projections are not met, sales people from teams are pressurized and sacrificed to save position of someone senior who often projects the next year’s targets wrong again.

3) Worst of all, the only argument generally weak managers have is ” Get Innovative and Get business” – but there is absolutely no vision and clarity for sales on “How to get innovative”?

Companies need to have robust KPIs system which appreciates performers & weeds out non-performers -BUT this needs to be supported by a culture where creating innovative ideas and road map for sales is considered responsibility of team leaders while executing them on ground be a sales initiative.



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