The problem with the “Hiring Strategy”!

“The strategy this year to increase business is to hire more sales / account managers”.

A statement frequently heard in yearly projection meetings with a very high rate of failure.

Many businesses don’t invest and focus on creating right resource management strategy and fall into trap of thinking “More people mean more business”.

This strategy often results in hire and fire culture as when companies are overstaffed, during tough times, the first sword falls on employees.

Solution: Adopting the right mindset .

Mindset #1 – Understanding that there are no businesses existing with “All the required ” resources – as no matter what few MBA books may teach, running a business with dedicated resource for each job does not make business sense in the real world.

Mindset #2– Businesses, specially startups, are more about resourcefulness than resources.

Mindset #3– The notion of hiring best talent does not exist in the real world. Managersorganisations must shift focus to find the “Right People” and then make the best out of them by training & innovation .

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