This tip may help you improve your next negotiation!

“In negotiation, one who first gives a number is the loser.”

Negotiation is an art, a skill which decides the ultimate result of a conversation or a transaction.

Poor negotiation can turn a successful transaction into a failure, quicker than you realise.


Because many salespeople lose their emotional stability and basic instincts.

At the time of negotiation, it is crucial to position yourself as powerful and accountable.

However, at the same time, a successful negotiation is drawn out from a win-win situation.

When both the parties focus on “We” instead of “I”, they end up having more trust, credibility for each other which leads into a successful deal.

Remember, as a salesperson, if you can bring your prospective customer to a position where he can walk away with a satisfactory and happy face, you have won both the customer as well as the deal.

What’s your tip to effective negotiation? Do you focus on the customer or yourself during the deal?


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