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Top 5 reasons why Tik Tok should be in your next media mix

Many experts believe TikTok is “the next big thing” in the world of social, and they are not wrong. TikTok is becoming a larger marketing platform—especially for brands that market to young people.

Apart from the fact that the platform was able to create its own fleet of influencers who enjoy high number of fan following and engagement, the growing interest of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities is further enhancing the usage of the platform.

Here are top 5 reasons why Tik Tok is becoming a must:-

1) Tik Tok has 500 million users world-wide and is currently the most aggressively growing social platform. ( Google trends, Data Reportal 2019)

2) It was the third most downloaded app in Q1 2019 with 188 million users. This is growth of 70 % over 2018 same time. ( Sensor Tower report 2019)

3) Extremely targeted audience – 41 % of users are aged between 16 – 24 ( Global Web Index 2019)

4) Being a short video platform, it has extremely high time spend. The average time spend per user is 52 minutes as per Business of Apps report in 2019

5) The platform has its own budding influencers with huge following and engagement.

With context to MENA: Consumers in MENA have embraced the opportunities which are offered by the social media websites for sharing opinions, connecting with like-minded users, creating communities and researching purchases.

According to the latest studies, 88% of the Internet population in the Middle East use social media websites daily.

Additionally content consumption on social platforms is huge – Saudi Arabia is YouTube’s biggest market (globally) in per capita consumption, and video is the most popular online activity for young people, with the average 15-24 in MENA spending 72 minutes a day watching videos online.

Below is the recent report from Socialize, 2019 stating the top most site visited is You Tube.

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This only can creates more opportunities for Tik Tok.

Local Case Studies: Recently Dubai’s Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism) has concluded the regional #ThisisDubai social media campaign, hosted in collaboration with TikTok. As part of the partnership, TikTok, which is available across 150 markets, created bespoke AR stickers with exclusive Dubai themed music inviting participants to capture striking aspects of the city.

The campaign received an overwhelming response of over 30 million video views on the campaign page and 9.8 thousand videos created, with posts showing users enjoying ‘only in Dubai’ experiences across the city, or destination videos with the campaign’s themed music, helping them to tell the story of Dubai.

Do you have Tik Tok in your next media plans?

About the Author:

When I first discovered what creative content integrations with brands can do for clients and their advertising campaigns, I was immediately obsessed!

It made total sense that why majority of sales people struggle for conversions and …

  • Why regular advertising campaigns do not work
  • Why marketing managers, media planners, CEOs and CFOs always axe marketing budgets in tough times.

I originally started applying creative content strategies with my clients during my successful stints with B4U Network , Zee Network , Star Network and Hello! Magazine where majority of campaigns not only delivered the required results on quantitative metrics but were also able to impact sales.

Hence, for past 15 years I have been passionately integrating creative concept selling with music, movies and entertainment thru digital and traditional platforms.

Any media business is business of attention. And content is what drives attention!

Lets connect: www.linkedin.com/in/zeeshansamin

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