When I started as an office boy…

In 2004, I picked up a job which was considered as a “lower job” …

I felt it was the right step for me, instead of not doing anything.

Everyone was mad at me. They were like, ”Zeeshan, are you out of your mind?”

Yes, it looked like that to them, but I was the only one who wore the shoes and knew where it hurts.

A few years later, I got a better one and I never looked back.

That particular job taught me a few valuable lessons that helped me a lot later in my life and career!

1) I was able to understand that I have to “earn it” every time. I am not entitled to anything, unless I earn it.

2) Sometimes, you need to look past the remuneration and focus at the long term.

3) At times it is not possible to plan long term, when that happens the right thing is just to “Go on”.

Of course, everyone wants to earn big…

But sometimes, you just need to start from some “unwanted” place.


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