Why firing your back office staff is the best strategy?

“OK, I’m in business. Time to start hiring people.”

I have seen so many companies committing mistake of assuming that ” More People Mean More Business”. This is wrong planning and often results in hire & fire culture. Big structures never define success but “right-sized” compact teams with a mix of passion, experience and high energy culture where no one is labeled as ” back office staff” or “liability” is THE key to consistently create magic.

One of the main reasons of my success in various assignments was, we always fired the back office staff labeled staff from their positions…

And promoted them to ” sales staff but with twist”

This is one of the key reasons that I was able to garner growth in times when most of our competitors were struggling to maintain last year numbers.

The RIGHT time to hire is only when you can really afford – NEVER hire someone and then try to make them affordable.

When are you going to fire your back office staff?