Why I gave business to a competitor?

I gave business to a competitor.


I referred my client to a competitor.

Yes, my offerings were not 100% fitting his needs.

He was convinced but I knew the desired impact will not happen for his specific requirements thru my offerings.

I saw how badly the client wanted the results. I couldn’t help but refer him to a competitor.

He was shocked, he thought I was joking.

But I honestly explained that this is best solution for his “current” requirements.

The results came and I am glad I was right.

I lost one business but gained his confidence for lifetime.


1) Selling and lying are not related or connected. It’s a myth that you must “sugar-coat” to sell.

2) Often salespeople understand the solution to clients problems better than the client himself – at that moment recommending the right solution always go long way.

I don’t believe in competition.

I believe in collaboration and ensuring clients meet their objectives.

Would you agree?


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