Why sales people at times just need our empathy!

A connection pitched me six times immediately we connected.


At first, I was upset.

But I could relate.

So I held peace and encouraged him. I told him I don’t need his service and I wished him well.

You never know…

He might be struggling to meet his targets for the month.

He might be striving to pay his bills.

Or he might be trying to make his first sales for the year.

You never know!

He appreciated my words and we were both fine.

The next time you see someone trying to pitch you, appreciate their effort and wish them well.

Because you never know if that’s their only means of survival.

Tearing people down because of this may not help them.

If you understand sales, then you will understand the pressure it entails.

Showing them empathy will go a long way.


#humanperspective #kindnessiscontagious