Why should your customers buy from you?

“Your driver knows where to go and the payment is completely cashless.”

Seems a familiar line?

Yes, Uber has explained its unique value proposition explicitly in the application and on the website.

Uber knows the pain points of customers in hiring a traditional taxi.

You have to go to a taxi stand, explain directions to the drivers, and make the payment in cash.

Cashless transactions, maps-friendly drivers and one tap cab booking persuade a traveller to choose Uber over a traditional taxi.

To succeed, a business should know its unique value proposition – exactly what sets it apart from its competition.

It should identify the benefits which only it can provide or the problems which only it can solve.

Once a startup or a company identifies that benefit or problem, it can explain why prospective customers should do business with it.

Do you know your unique value proposition? How are you conveying it to your customers?


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