“Zeeshan, how do I start growth hacking?

“Zeeshan, your growth hack posts are helpful but how do I start growth hacking?”

If you don’t have the skills, it’s simple: hire someone!

Growth hacking is generally a term coined for marketing.

👉 But I believe it is a mindset of doing business.👈

What I realized is that Growth hackers generally don’t know that they are “Growth Hackers”

They need to be identified!

One of the first traits you need to identify while hiring one is passion followed by his ability to turnaround a difficult assignment with high ROI.

A Growth Hacker for your marketing team knows the growth strategies, and more importantly, knows what strategies will suit YOUR business.

They focus on executing the strategies, analysing them, testing them.

Based on the tests, they keep modifying their strategies to make sure you get the best results.

Their key focus is using non-traditional methods of customer acquisition and retention.

So, when are you hiring your growth hacker?


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