5 steps to give the best sales pitch ever!

5 tips to give the best sales pitch ever!

Have you ever pitched your brand?

Well, I have.

Over the years, I have seen more pitches than I have made. Be it individuals, startups, or established businesses; for any pitch, consider 5 main things:

Begin with a narrative

— Share a story. Tell the audience why this brand is so important to you

— Introduce your brand as an extension of yourself. This will make the audience empathise with you

Know what you’re pitching

— Don’t depend on your presentation for answers

— Know your product & competitors well and be ready to answer any and all questions that come your way

Design a clear, concise, crisp presentation

— Remember: a presentation is a visual aid; it’s not the pitch itself

— Make your presentation legible and attractive

— Limit the content so that the audience focuses on you rather than reading the slides

Know to WHOM you are pitching

— The pitch should be a relevant to the audience

— Understanding of pain-points and customer’s business is key

Conclude with a clear CTA ( Call to Action)

— A concrete step-by-step plan as to how proposed solution can work

— Commercials

So, are you ready for your next pitch?


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