Get fired if you come 5 minutes late to office

I once worked with a someone who used to threaten to fire for coming 5 minutes late to office.

Once, my colleague was interrogated for coming 10 minutes late.

He explained that he had been indisposed of late but will adjust in the future.

“I don’t trust you. Consider this as your last warning!” the boss retorted dryly.

This was a routine.

Time kept on passing.

He never changed.

Most of us moved on.

Despite being a very difficult place to work, that place taught me the most important management lesson:

1) “Discipline in business” is defined as the regulations that are imposed on employees in order to prevent behaviors that are detrimental to an organization.

2) The purpose of discipline is not to embarrass or degrade an employee.

3) The purpose is also not to have the “small fights” with the employees.

And most importantly…

4) There is a thin line between discipline and saddism.

Sometimes the best learnings in life happen from the most unexpected places.


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