“Always be closing” won’t work in sales anymore…

“Always be closing” won’t work in sales anymore.

We, as sales people, try to pitch sales and close the deal as early as possible.

However, times have changed.

You can crack short deals through this mantra.

However you can’t win game-changing sales deals which’ll take your business to next level.

So, what’s the best strategy now?

Understanding clients business by asking relevant questions. Focusing on solving problems then just “closing deals” Building trust and credibility by creating value thru solutions.

As Gary Vaynerchuk says, most of the people are playing short-term game which is why companies struggle to sustain.

Sales isn’t restricted to B2B or B2C now. It has actually transformed into H2H (Human To Human) relationships.

What strategy are you following to close deals?

Are you playing short or long?