How “Personalization” impacts your revenue?

How companies like Uber are retaining their customers?

Personalization – making customers feel more exclusive by involving them in the process and giving them a feeling of owning the product.

In few of the cities around the world, when you book an uber , and if your ride matches to a music-enabled cab, you can play the already setup playlist or your personal playlist from Spotify in the cab.

You can also turn up or down the volume, from within Uber or Spotify App, wirelessly. This personalisation is making music lovers to prefer Uber rides over competitors. In this time of extreme competition, personalization while facing clients is a must.

Successful companies are studying what customers may want, and integrating those needs and expectations into their products and services.

Personalization increases strike rate of sales teams because customers can feel something for themselves in those products or services.

What’s the tip?

Instead of a “same blanket sales pitch” focus on customised and personalized sales pitches. The more you do it, better are your chances of hitting your revenue targets.