By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail!

“Zeeshan, my Sales team is doing enough of ‘meeting numbers’ per week, still sales are terribly down…”

I hear this all the time.

Well, sales is a numbers game… but not of BLIND numbers!

Most of the times we hear about sales from people on social media who have never sold anything, or it is taught by trainers who have never faced clients.

Your numbers must speak sense:

1) Number of customized presentations

2) Number of new clients you have spoken to

3) Number of ideas shared with old clients

4) Number of clients doing business with your competition

5) Amount of time you are spending on call with existing clients

6) Cold calling (Yes it still exists!)

Plus, is your sales team only aware about their monthly target?

Or do they also know about:

1) How much your category is closing?

2) How much each competition is closing?

3) Your power ratio?

4) Total growth potential of category?

Sales is incomplete without smart prospecting and 360 degree view of numbers.

Do you agree?


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