Can the so called COVID19 gurus stop gloating?

Since the quarantine began, and with everyone herded into their homes, bragging rights on social media are suddenly changing.

Many people are becoming notably overnight gurus by reading books, learning new skills & working out.

While all of this is good, but let us stop gloating.

As some of them are making it look like if we don’t learn any new thing during this period, we have failed!

But I want to disagree and instead say: ”If you come out of this quarantine period alive and healthy, you have really done well.”

People are going through a lot already.

Some have lost businesses.

Some have lost jobs.

Some have lost dear ones.

Not everyone has a clear head to learn as well.

Not everyone will have the money to pay to learn something new at the moment.

The best we can do now is to support each other and pray for the world.

So if you are not learning anything new and just trying to breathe and staying at home.

You are doing a lot.


#stayhome #staysafe #keepgrinding