I met someone who lied in his resume to get a job.

I met someone who lied in his resume to get a job.


Long back, my boss started involving me in interviews to gain experience, before promoting me to a manager.

One day, I witnessed the unexpected

When we started the interview, the candidate said, ”I lied on my resume to get a job invite. I’m sorry Sir”

I was flabbergasted!

I never heard of any such thing.

Then he said, ”I always dreamed of working in this company & the best I could do for an interview is to alter my work experience a bit.”

I thought this would be the end , but instead, my manager kept quiet & continued.

I couldn’t believe it.

To my surprise, the candidate landed the role.

I asked my boss why he allowed him to continue.

He said, “Hiring systems are broken, it is not possible to gauge people from their CVs. You must try to identify the real value and passion of the person.”

I may never be able to accept a lie while evaluating candidates – but I learned:

1) There is always a different perspective of looking at the same thing.

2) Being right & being wrong is subjective.

3) Always try your luck – what happened in the past may not happen again & what people say can turn out to be completely wrong.

Do you think hiring processes are efficient?


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