Racism at work place…

” I get paid less because of my nationality…”




If yes, then you are the one responsible for the same.

Starting as an office boy in 2004 – fast forward today, I am privileged to be associated with the most prestigious organisations in region and I never ever faced any racism, EVER.

People often confuse India VS Pakistan cricket rivalry with business world.

Hard Fact # 1: Corporate world and businesses are only about the value and attitude you bring on the table.

Hard Fact # 2: Any kind of inequality & racism in business world exists only if you WANT to see it. Hustle and gratitude can even-out any playing field.

And I literally mean ANY playing field.

So next time you feel that you are ignored because of your nationality, race, religion or gender, please analyse how much of hardwork you are putting to EVEN-OUT the playing field.



Big Data and its “Big Impact”​ on businesses

Knowledge of Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is the trump card in business relevance

Gone are the days when data was unstructured with no relevance, and the business owners would rely only on the customer choices and on the irregular information gathered – data was small then and the business owners had to rely on logical reasons & gut to implement strategies and lure customers – today the new DNA is in place and business projections are taking a paradigm shift.

Business is today moving into the understanding of less stress over business challenges ( which they face now) as business forecasts are more predictable thanks to the knowledge and application of big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence

With the right use of new technology, data scientists can help improve business’s ability to: –

1.   Ability to forecast future events with high level of precision

2.   Ability to take decisions with minimum chances of errors

The small grocery store down the corner of a street will now be able to smart sell and keep his customers happy by connecting with them exactly when there is a need. People will be able to live longer as biologists can utilize the latest machine learning algorithms to produce robust risk prediction and environment factors to predict important health-related outcomes as in the case with www.23andme.com which will impact an increase of average life-span of people.

Improvement in average age of consumers will drastically impact the way targeting happens in advertising. So far the core audience for marketers has traditionally been 20 – 44 but in couple of years this will result in birth of another core audience, which I believe would be in a range of 45 – 65 – these will be adults who will have more affluent incomes and health to enjoy luxuries.

The world is now awash in data and we can see consumers in a lot clearer ways. ~ Max Levchin, PayPal co-founder.

Soon the passive players will not survive due to the Big Impact which businesses are going to witness.

About the author

Zeeshan Sajid Amin is a millennial leadership executive equipped with the essence of change and proven record of implementing strategies , often beyond MBA books, with focus on bottom lines . Find out more on www.zeeshansajidamin.com

Scaling-up businesses don’t necessarily means more expenses…

“The strategy this year to increase business is to hire more sales / account managers”.

A statement frequently heard in yearly projection meetings with a very high rate of failure.

Many #businesses don’t invest and focus on creating right resource management #strategy and fall into trap of thinking “More people mean more business”.

This strategy often results in hire and fire #culture as when #companies are #overstaffed, during tough times, the first sword falls on employees.

Solution: Adopting the right #mindset .

Mindset #1 – Understanding that there are no businesses existing with “All the required ” resources – as no matter what few #MBA books may teach, running a business with dedicated resource for each job does not make business sense in the real world.

Mindset #2- Businesses, specially startups, are more about resourcefulness than resources.

Mindset #3- The notion of #hiring best talent does not exist in the real world. #Managers & #organisations must shift #focus to find the “Right People” and then make the best out of them by training & innovation .

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