Did you launch your business to “Sale” or “Scale”?

My friend refused to sell his company at $1M.

Few years back one of my friends started a small retail business.

It was not doing very well.

One of his clients was a publicly-traded company.

They pulled him aside and offered him $1M to sell his company.

The valuation was high, but he refused the offer.

It sounded crazy to me.

I asked him why he refused to sell it at that huge price.

He said, ”I am not only trying to only make money, it’s about the legacy”

Those words were powerful, I could feel his motivation!

Then he said…

”Besides, I can make more money when my vision materialises.”

He held on to his words.

Today, his retail business evolved into online retail business and has made a lot of money from it as well.

I have seen so many times:

1) The biggest challenge is not generating monies – the biggest challenge is balancing long term and short term goals.

2) If you don’t trust your ownself, no one else will.


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